General FAQs:

 1. What's this for?

The ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE was created to directly support our local Boy Scout troops and to get more exposure for the sport of orienteering.

2. How does the event work?

Survivors will be given a map and flag football belt with two flags.  Their objective is to reach the evacuation zone with 1 flag intact.  There is a generous course boundary but no routes or line that the survivor must follow.  The survivor, using his map, may also orienteer to control points that will offer up additional health flags, protection from zombies, and route choice advice.  The zombies job is to develop a plan to defend the forest and to pull the flags off the survivors belts before they reach the evacuation zone.

3. Which role should I register for?

Survivor:  The survivor should be comfortable navigating terrain using a topographical map and compass.  If you are unfamiliar with map and compass navigation, beginner instruction will be available.  It is recommended to beginners that they join a team with an experienced navigator.  This can take place during the day of sorting.

Zombie:  The zombie needs no technical map and compass knowhow.  Is the bulk of the zombie force and is out to have a good time pillaging health flags and visiting with fellow zombies.

Zombie Commander:  The commanders' job will be to act as a field team leader for the group of zombies that are assigned to him/her.  The commander must be comfortable navigating terrain using a topographical map and compass.  The commander will ensure the team is in the correct location, assign duties to the zombies, collect pulled flags from the team, and check everyone out when it’s time to go home.  The commander should have a team focused mindset to ensure his/her zombie group is not only effectively whittling the survivor count down but doing it safely.

4. What is Orienteering?

In orienteering, you use a map and compass to locate checkpoints shown on a topographic map. You choose the route, either on or off trail, that will help you find checkpoints and get to the evacuation zone. You will not have to adjust the declination on your compass when using an orienteering map. Orienteering maps have north-south lines that are oriented to magnetic north.

5. I haven't been orienteering in a while, is there a place I can practice?

Yes!  At Bear Creek Lake Park there is an established permanent course you can practice on.  If you can complete the course, register for any role with confidence!

You can get more info and print off the map here:

6. Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely, survival training is best ingrained when they're young!  We even offer discounts for those participants 20 or younger.

7. What's the whistle for?

The whistle is used to summon assistance for yourself or another who might’ve twisted their ankle or gotten injured in any way.  If you hear a distress whistle out on the course, consider it a “game off” moment.  Assist the person to the medical tent for minor injuries or wait for our medical teams to arrive for more serious injuries.

8. Where do I park and when should I arrive?

We will have parking directors positioned at the entrance.  The park entrance is at 22799 North Elbert Road.

Survivors and Zombies should at least arrive 45 minutes before event start.  This will allow time to let us get you parked, sorted, and packets handed out.  The sooner you arrive the more time you or your team will have to develop a strategy.

Zombies needing a makeup job should arrive an hour+ to ensure you’ll look your undead best!

Zombie Commanders should arrive one hour before hand for a commanders meeting.

Arriving even earlier will offer you opportunities to receive prizes by participating in our pre-event games.  Games include radio direction finding and GPS geocaching.  Also an orienteering refresher in case it's been awhile since your last map and compass adventure. 

[Driving Directions]

9. Will there be lunch?

Yes! Order of the Arrow will be bringing their food truck.  So come hungry and support the OA!

Survivor FAQs:

1. What am I supposed to do?

Get registered!  Then prepare a small pack with compass, snacks, water and whistle.  Upon arrival you’ll be sorted by running ability (Families and groups should choose a running ability based on their most leisurely member).  Maps and flag belts will be passed out after the sorting, get to know your neighbors and develop a plan to the evacuation zone.  Survivors will be released in mass.

2. Do I have to run?

Of course not, your moving speed will likely be dictated by your situation.  Hide in a bush to avoid detection, walk around to get your bearings, run when you’re being chased.

3. I ran out of flags, now what??

Here you have a choice.  Orienteer to a control point to receive additional health flags or hoof it on into the finish.

4. Can I come in my Halloween costume?

Costumes are greatly encouraged!  We only ask that you make strong consideration towards what props you carry.  A cape may be cool, but could become a tripping hazard while running.  Also please leave any weapon facsimiles at home.  A sheathed sword may really complete your outfit but the hard plastic won’t be as comforting if you fall or spin around and hit someone.  You’ll want to be hands free as well, since one will be holding a map, and the other compass.

5. What is an E-Punch?

The e-punch is an electronic finger stick that records your progress, will give you split times between controls and your total time on the course in an instant printout after the run.  It's handy and cool to get instant results, but not necessary.  Those without e-punches will be issued paper punch cards.  Each control has a unique pin pattern that will imprint the correct punch card box.  The results take us a little longer to process, but are usually posted to our website in a day or two.

Zombie FAQs:

1. What am I supposed to do?

Get Registered!  Then prepare a small pack with snacks, water, and whistle.  Upon arrival you’ll be assigned to a group of zombies headed by a commander. The commanders will be ordered from lots of running or activity to very little running or activity. (Families and groups should choose a commander based on their most leisurely member).  Once sorted, the commander will walk you to the zone you’re supposed to defend.  Once there, the group will develop a plan to defend the zone.

2. Do I have to run?

Of course not, you can be as charismatic as you'd like to be.  There will be special instruction right before the zombie release on how to best behave.



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